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Samsung Galaxy S23 series is now in Fortnite

Samsung has announced a partnership with Fortnite, bringing the flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 series to the Metaverse.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Fortnite

Samsung has announced a partnership with the popular game Fortnite, bringing the flagship Galaxy S23 series to the Metaverse. The Koreans have launched a Samsung SmartCity Store on a Samsung island. Players can interact with various devices there, including the Samsung smartphones themselves.

The map can be accessed with the code 8526-6648-9508. You can then interact with in-game devices and play Fun Game Quest, a game of hide-and-seek. The goal in each round is to find Galaxy S23 devices on the map. Afterwards, you can keep the smartphone.

Arthur Wong, marketing director at Samsung Latin America, said the communication channels in the Metaverse need constant updating. The partnership with Fortnite enables the company to connect news, products and people at great speed.

Fortnite has also enhanced the general gameplay with slight nods to the capabilities of the Galaxy S23 series. For example, you can see further with a zoom function. In addition, the nightography feature was adopted. That’s the name of the camera’s night mode on the new Samsung flagships, which allows players to see in the dark. There’s also a Knox button, which according to the press release, is “emphasizing another dimension of the Galaxy ecosystem”


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