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Samsung Galaxy S23: camera accessories, Moon Shot explained

Samsung has released new camera accessories for the Galaxy S23 series and explained the moon shot function of the S23 cameras.
Samsung Camera Grip Stand

Samsung introduces Camera Grip and Slim Tripod Stand for Galaxy S23 series

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has impressive camera hardware. In order to be able to use these optimally, the Koreans have now brought new accessories onto the market. The official Samsung Camera Grip and Slim Tripod Stand are modular accessories compatible with Samsung’s Gadget Cover case. The slim transparent silicone case comes with a special universal attachment point on the back.

The new camera grip offers a detachable Bluetooth shutter release and a grip area for the appropriate retro feel. The grip attachment also has a hidden tripod in the mount and swivels. The Camera Grip accessory comes in a single white color. It is already listed on Samsung’s UK website, but so far without prices.

The Samsung Slim Tripod Stand comes with three metal feet. So you always have a tripod with you for your Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23+. But it is also suitable as a vlog grip thanks to the flattened feet. The Slim Tripod Stand is only available in silver and is already listed on Samsung UK for £34 (€39/$41). The listed price does not include the Samsung Grip case. This is a requirement for the new tripod and costs another £49 (€39/$60).

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Samsung Moon Shot explained: Scene Optimizer plus Super Resolution plus AI

In the last few days, several allegations have surfaced from users that Samsung is faking the moon shots on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It all started when Reddit user ibreakphotos put a blurry image of the moon on his monitor and took a picture of it with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The resulting image was of significantly better quality, which quickly spread the story across the internet. As a result, Samsung apparently had the feeling that the underlying software should be explained.

Accordingly, Samsung has released a detailed technical explanation of how Moon Shot works. The article has actually been online for some time, but so far only in Korean. Now there is also an English version. Samsung uses Scene Optimizer, AI Deep Learning and Super Resolution. Moon Shot is activated when you have activated the Scene Optimizer and zoomed over 25x. First, the AI deep learning engine, which has various pre-installed moon shapes and details, recognizes the moon in the image. Then, Super Resolution applies multi-frame processing to improve the image quality of the moon.

Basically, this is nothing new. Samsung has been doing the same since the Galaxy S20 Ultra came out with “100x Space Zoom”. Also, various other manufacturers may have implemented similar features. So Samsung’s moon shots aren’t technically fake, but they’re enhanced by the AI. The alternative would be a huge lens, a tripod and an expensive special camera.

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