Samsung Galaxy S22 series could still get Galaxy AI functions

Are Galaxy AI features coming to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series? Apparently there are reasons both for and against this.
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review

The Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra launched this year with Galaxy AI features. However, Samsung has already promised that these functions will also come to the S23 series including the Galaxy S23 FE with the update to One UI 6.1 at the end of the month. Now it looks like the 2022 flagships of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series could benefit from Galaxy AI after all. While nothing is set in stone yet, Samsung’s mobile division president TM Roh said at a shareholder meeting that the company is actively looking at ways to bring Galaxy AI features to older phones.

The problem is that some of the functions are cloud-based, but another part runs on the device itself. The latter is apparently the hurdle for implementation on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. On the other hand, the S23 FE, which has already received the Galaxy AI update, is based on the same chipsets as the S22 models. According to Roh, this requires “a lot of effort,” but Samsung has already freed resources for it. In this respect, it is being worked on, but it is not yet certain that the S22 series will get Galaxy AI.

TM Roh also confirmed that Samsung is still working on rollable and slide devices including research and development and filing patents. Interestingly, the company seems to be much more cautious about introducing new form factors than ever before. However, no manufacturer has brought new technologies to market faster than Samsung in the past – see the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.


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