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Samsung Galaxy Ring: price and subscription model leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will apparently be more expensive than expected. The subscription model comes as a bit of a surprise, though.
samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring was officially introduced in February, but that was more of a preview. Various details about the ring are still missing, including details about the prices. Now the well-known tipster Yogesh Brar has spoken out, and his leaks are generally quite close to the truth.

According to Brar, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be anything but cheap. In the US, prices will be between $300 and $350 (€277 and €323), while Samsung is asking around ₹35,000 in India. However, that’s not all. There will also be a subscription model.

It is not clear whether this subscription is mandatory or offers advanced features. Apparently the monthly subscription will cost “under $10” and will be part of Samsung Health. This was pointed out by Dr. Hon Pak, vice president of Samsung Electronics, said in a CNBC interview at the ring’s initial unveiling.

Fitbit Premium costs $10 per month or $80 for a full year, the same as Apple Fitness+. The Oura Ring also has a subscription model – $6/month or $70/year. It looks like Samsung wants to use the ring to secure recurring revenue, similar to its competitors.

But with Apple’s Fitness+, you’ll have access to video workouts and more. What does a Galaxy Ring subscription offer? We don’t know yet, but we’ve already heard that the Galaxy Ring will be integrated with Samsung Food, which may offer more detailed meal plans and diet suggestions than you normally get. This is after the values have been calibrated with the data from the ring.


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