Samsung Galaxy Ring is coming to the S24 Unpacked event in January

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is set to debut at the Unpacked Event for the Galaxy S24 series and is apparently the star of the event.
Oura Smart Ring Generation 3 Galaxy Ring

At this point, it’s pretty certain that the Galaxy Ring, Samsung’s entry into a new category of wearables, won’t be released this year. Now the well-known tipster Ice Universe is back with a launch window. Accordingly, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be presented at the Unpacked Event for the Galaxy S24 series in January. And apparently Samsung has such high expectations for this new product line that the Galaxy Ring could even become the star of the event. According to the tip, it could even outshine the Galaxy S24 series itself.

While the Unpacked events for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 took place in February, there were also presentations of new products in January. And since the Galaxy S24 series has been circulating through the rumor mill with various photos and technical data for months, a slightly earlier launch seems quite realistic. As for the Samsung Galaxy Ring, the question remains whether it will be ready in time for an earlier date.

Samsung is reportedly ready to start mass production. However, for health monitoring products, manufacturers need additional regulatory approvals, which takes time. The Samsung Galaxy Ring is intended to combine the health-oriented functions of the Galaxy Watches. At the same time it will skip most of the smartwatch functions. At this point it is not even clear whether it will even have a display.

The Galaxy Ring’s smaller, less intrusive form factor could also appeal to a wider audience. This includes people who normally prefer classic watches or don’t wear a watch at all, but still want to measure sleep, heart rate and exercise data. And since Samsung seems to have given up on smartbands, smart rings could potentially fill that gap.


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