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Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro with “Blade Lights”, regular Buds3 with IP57 protection

The Samsung Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro have improved battery life. The Pro models also have ANC and "Blade Lights".
Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review

Samsung is currently planning a big Galaxy Unpacked event, where the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 will also be making an appearance, as will the Galaxy Ring. But there is another product from a completely different category in the starting blocks – the Samsung Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro are also likely to hit the stage. The predecessor Galaxy Buds2 Pro are from mid-2022 and the normal Buds2 are even older, dating back to August 2021.

So it’s high time for a few upgrades, some of which the Samsung Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro are expected to bring. First of all, the basic model is protected against dust and water to IP57 (instead of IP52). The Buds3 will continue to use individual speakers per earbud. They support high-quality audio (24-bit, 96 kHz) and active noise cancellation (ANC). When activated, they should offer the same battery life as the 2021 headphones, i.e. 5 hours.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro will be the premium offering with 2-way speakers. They have better battery life than the base model and the old Buds2 Pro, lasting up to 6 hours. Samsung has also redesigned the charging case for both headphones – total listening time is up to 24 hours for the base model and up to 30 hours for the Pros (compared to 20 and 23 hours respectively). This seems to be due to greater efficiency, as the Buds3 Pro case has the same battery capacity as the Buds2 Pro case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro with “Blade Lights”

The Galaxy Buds3 Pro also get “Blade Lights”, Ambient Sound and Adaptive Noise Control. What exactly “Blade Lights” are is still unclear, but the regular Buds3 don’t have the feature. The Pro headphones also have adaptive noise cancellation and an ambient noise mode that automatically compensates for how much or how little you hear from your surroundings. Finally, both Samsung headphones support Bluetooth 5.3 with Auto Switch and SmartThings Find.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro will be released in silver and white. However, Samsung is likely to expand the color options to include more choices at some point. There is no information on prices yet. The Buds2 Pro cost €230/$230/£220 at launch, the Buds2 cost €150/$150/£140.


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