Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro: Via update to hearing aid

Samsung has announced an update for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. It provides louder ambient noise for people with hearing impairments.
Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Hearing Aid

Samsung has announced a very interesting new update for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. It will be rolled out in the coming weeks and will improve the volume of ambient noise for people with hearing impairments. The Ambient Sound function has been expanded by two additional stages. So after the update a total of five stages of amplification are available. The Koreans want to provide “the benefit of improved hearing to even more users”.

The effectiveness of the new Ambient Sound feature was proven by a clinical study conducted by the University of Iowa’s Hearing Aid and Aging Research Laboratory. The study concluded that the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro “significantly improved speech perception in those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss”. The Samsung Medical Center conducted a similar study. Accordingly, the Buds “could be an effective tool to help those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss to better communicate in a quiet place.” Both tests were carried out with the new highest level 5 for ambient noise.

With the new update, you can also set different ambient noise levels for the left and right earphones. This allows you to adjust the appropriate amplification through the Samsung headphones to your own ears. In addition, you can adjust the tone range in five different levels from soft to clear. Alternatively, Adapt Ambient Sound is available for automatic tuning.

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