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Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra is coming in February

According to the latest rumors, Samsung will launch a new Galaxy Book3 series notebook in February. Accordingly, in addition to the Pro and Pro 360 models, Samsung is also introducing an Ultra model this year. Recent reports also show that the codename of Samsung’s new notebook is 960XFH. According to the first Geekbench benchmarks, there is an Intel i7-13700H chipset under the hood. The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra will support a dedicated graphics card for the first time in the series. It is probably an RTX 3050 with 6GB RAM or an RTX 4050.

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 13

The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra is to be positioned as a high-end notebook for creative people. As with the predecessor Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 (review), a high-resolution OLED display should be installed. The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro and Pro 360 models will also be updated. All Samsung notebooks are powered by Intel’s new 13th generation P-series processors, which have just been introduced.

In addition, Samsung has just unveiled a new Galaxy Book2 series notebook powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 chipset. So far, the model is only available in South Korea, which came as quite a surprise. Actually, Samsung no longer sells the notebooks of the Galaxy Book series on the domestic mainland, but only on the international markets.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra passes Bluetooth certification

A few months ago, the Galaxy Book3 Ultra passed the Bluetooth SIG certification. The certification then confirmed the name of the device – Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. Four different model numbers also emerged: NT960XFHZ, NT960XFS, NT961XFH and NT960XFH. These are spread across five different Galaxy Book3 Ultra devices.

According to the Bluetooth website, the Galaxy Book3 Ultra supports Bluetooth 5.1 and runs directly with Windows 11 at launch. An Intel CPU and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity are also noted.

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