Samsung Galaxy A54 5G with “pro-grade camera”

Although the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G has not yet been officially confirmed, the teaser campaign is already in full swing.
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is said to be launched on March 15th. Although Samsung has not yet officially confirmed the date, the teaser campaign is already in full swing. In fact, the Koreans even placed a banner ad on their Indian website. It shows the three main cameras on the back of the Galaxy A54 5G, as well as several of the color options.

The teaser also states that the Galaxy A54 5G will feature a “pro-grade camera” without detailing the triple camera setup on the back. However, according to Samsung, the A54 offers single take and optical image stabilization (OIS). Single Take automatically captures multiple images of the same scene with the main camera and the ultra-wide camera. After five to 15 seconds, the software automatically suggests the best snapshots. Samsung’s night recording functions called Nightography are also on board.

More details about the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G are likely to emerge soon as we get closer and closer to its launch. However, several leaks have already brought various technical data, images and prices of the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G to light. The new Samsung Galaxy A34 should also enter the stage.


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