Samsung Galaxy A35 review: High repairability

Samsung has launched the Galaxy A35 as a cheap alternative to the Galaxy A55. And it seems pretty easy to fix.
Samsung Galaxy A35

Last month, Samsung launched the Galaxy A35 as a cheaper alternative to the Galaxy A55. This represents the most important components in the Korean company’s mid-range segment for 2024. If you are considering the smaller model and are wondering what’s under the hood, you can watch the new video from YouTube channel PBKreviews below. They completely disassembled and reassembled the A35.

In order to open the Samsung Galaxy A35, you should apparently have a hairdryer at hand. Shortly afterwards you can remove the back of the glass, which reveals many screws that need to be loosened. Then you have to disconnect many cables and remove the mainboard. The main cameras, the SIM and memory card slots and the various chips are already exposed. A few cable connections and loosening a screw later, the subboard comes out. The battery has a pull tab to aid in its removal, revealing a large vapor chamber.

Once disassembly is complete, reassembly follows basically the exact same steps but in reverse order. In the end, the Samsung Galaxy A35 gets a repairability rating of 8.5 out of 10 (with 10 being the most repairable and 0 being the least repairable). The Samsung smartphone received maximum points for parts availability and ease of battery replacement, as well as a good rating for internal organization and time spent on repairs. The easy replacement of the display and various other parts also earned a lot of praise in the test.


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