Report: Apple Vision Pro demand plummets

It seems as if the enthusiasm has come to an end: Apple is reportedly planning to produce significantly fewer Apple Vision Pro headsets.
Apple Vision Pro App Experiences Multitasking

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a normally reliable tipster on all things related to Apple’s supply chains, things are currently looking anything but rosy for the Apple Vision Pro headset. According to Kuo, Apple has lowered its sales expectations and therefore production orders for the full year to 400,000 to 450,000 units. Apple originally expected 700,000 to 800,000 units or even more.

So far you can only buy the Apple Vision Pro headset in the US – Apple has not yet introduced it to any other market. Accordingly, the demand estimates are based only on previous sales figures in the USA. And apparently these are well below the company’s original expectations.

Due to the sharp decline in demand in the US, Apple is cautious about demand in other markets where the Vision Pro is due to be launched later this year. As a completely new product, at least for Apple, there was initially a lot of enthusiasm. Apparently the extremely high price of 3,499 US dollars (3,264 euros) has now caught up with the euphoria.

Apple is also reportedly reviewing and adjusting its roadmap for future headsets. This means there may not be a new Vision Pro model in 2025. Additionally, Apple expects Vision Pro sales to continue to decline in 2025 compared to 2024. Especially since the competition in the form of Metas Quest 3 and Samsung’s VR headset doesn’t sleep.


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