Realme GT5 Pro photos, teaser and video surfaced

Realme is slowly turning things up: There are new photos, teasers and camera examples as well as a new video of the Realme GT5 Pro.
Realme GT5 Pro

The Realme GT5 Pro is scheduled to come onto the market on December 7th and various teasers have already appeared in advance. Most of them revolved around the camera setup and especially the new 3x telephoto camera. The lens is a first for Realme as it is a high-quality periscope zoom.

The latest teaser comes from today and brings us the first sample photos of this periscope telephoto camera. The aperture obviously collects a lot of light with a maximum opening of f/2.6. Some of the posts highlight the Realme GT5 Pro’s proprietary engine for balancing shadows and highlights, as well as Arcsoft’s portrait algorithm. Realme also reminds us that advanced hardware and software optimizations enable lossless digital zoom up to a factor of 6. If the photos are real camera images without post-processing, we can expect a pretty powerful setup.

Realme GT5 Pro specifications

Realme has also posted several teasers with specifications of the GT5 Pro. This also includes a pretty clear video on the inner workings of the new Sony IMX890 periscope telephoto camera with 50 megapixels.

Several new teaser images have also appeared. One of them shows the Realme GT5 Pro in Starry Night (black) with a seemingly normal back without leather. In the second teaser image, the Chinese advertise up to 1 TB of internal storage and USB 3.2 connectivity.

Unfortunately, the current state of USB naming is an absolute disaster. And Realme didn’t decide on the new name, which would have revealed the actual speed of the data connection. However, the poster mentions that data transfer should be ten times faster than with a USB 2.0 connection. A logical guess would therefore be to tap a 5Gbps controller, also known as USB 3.2 Gen 1×1, USB 3.1 Gen 1 or USB 3.0.

Various other technical data for the Realme GT5 Pro are already floating around the internet. This includes a 6.78-inch, slightly curved 8T LTPO AMOLED display with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1.5K resolution. This is probably the same 1,240 x 2,772 pixels panel as on the normal GT5. It achieves a local peak brightness of an extreme 4,500 nits and an overall peak brightness of 1,600 nits. There is both DC dimming and 2,160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming to dial down, which can create 20,000 different brightness levels. The Realme phone’s display also has a touch sampling frequency of 2,160 Hz.

A Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset powers the GT5 Pro and thanks to a dealer leak, the price of CNY 3,500 is already known. This equates to €450/$500/₹42,000. Of course, without taking into account local taxes and the like.

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