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Realme GT Neo 5 to charge with 240 watts

According to a new rumor, Realme plans to take the wired charging crown from Redmi soon with the new Realme GT Neo 5.
Realme GT Neo 3 Naruto-Edition

New wireless charging records are in short supply right now, as Chinese regulations limit the maximum charging speed to 50 watts. However, there is no such limit for charging via cable. So new records are constantly being set in China in this regard.

According to a new rumor, Realme is planning to take the wired charging crown from Redmi soon with its GT Neo 5 smartphone. The GT Neo 5 will reportedly come in two versions. One of them will have a 4,600 mAh battery that charges at 240 watts. This is undoubtedly a variant of the 240 watt system that Oppo already showed in February. Apparently, the technology will remain exclusive to Realme for a while. Later it will make its way into Oppo and OnePlus phones as well.

Realme GT Neo 3 150W

The second Realme GT Neo 5 variant will have a 5,000 mAh battery that “only” charges with 150 watts. Oppo’s 240-watt tech demo featured a 4,500mAh battery that went from zero to 100% in 9 minutes. We can expect similar values from the GT Neo 5, since the battery is only slightly larger. Even if it ends up being 10 minutes, it’s still light years faster than the current flagships from Apple and Google. The latter takes almost two hours for a full charge.

Oppo’s 150-watt system is said to last 1,600 charge cycles before the battery drops to 80% of its original capacity. That’s twice what you can expect from a regular battery. Interestingly, even though Realme and Oppo are part of the same group, the GT Neo 3’s 150-watt technology offers a lower endurance of 1,000 charging cycles before the battery drops to 80% of its normal capacity. This difference may be reflected in the prices of the respective devices.



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