PS5 beta firmware brings Dolby Atmos and second controller

Sony has released a new beta firmware for the PlayStation 5 that brings several new social features as well as Dolby Atmos.
Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Dolby Atmos Update

Sony has released a new beta firmware for the PlayStation 5, bringing a whole set of new accessibility and social features, as well as Dolby Atmos. The PS5 can now also output audio to Dolby Atmos-compatible devices – previously this was only available for Blu-ray playback. The new beta also adds software encoding of Dolby Atmos content for games.

For games that support PS5 Tempest 3D AudioTech, the console will encode the audio in Dolby Atmos if required. This means that you can also output it to Atmos-compatible speakers, a soundbar or a TV. This includes support for height channels. This is done on the console, so games don’t need to be updated for Atmos and can continue to use Tempest 3D AudioTech as before.

PS5 beta firmware supports second controller

The update also adds support for using a second controller for backup. This allows you to pair two DualSense controllers that will both be recognized as the same primary controller, similar to two mice or keyboards connected to the same PC. This allows a second person to play along to support or compete against the first player.

The user interface also gets new features with the new PS5 beta firmware, including haptic feedback. This works for things like moving focus, reaching the end of a scrollable section, checking a box, and the like. In addition, Sony has added a search function to the library so you no longer have to scroll endlessly.

New social features on the Sony PlayStation 5 include the option to invite a player to a party without automatically adding the player to the group. Also, you can send open or closed party invitations to groups instead of just individuals. You can also see which friends joined open activities, how many tournaments you’ve participated in and your rankings, and add reactions with emojis.

The update also adds support for higher capacity M.2 drives. So far, a maximum of 4 TB was possible, with the new PS5 firmware it is up to 8 TB. Finally, there are improvements to in-game help, a new Discover Tips option, and the ability to mute the Sony PlayStation 5 beeps. As usual, the beta is only available to a limited number of users who can sign up for it in selected countries.


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