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OpenAI launches standalone ChatGPT app for iOS

OpenAI has officially released a standalone ChatGPT app for iOS users that is free to download and use. The iOS app makes it easy to chat with the bot on the go, and it also has a few neat features.

For example, the app supports voice input using the company’s open-source speech recognition model, Whisper. The ChatGPT app also syncs personal chat history from the web version of ChatGPT to other devices where you are logged in with your account.

Of course, ChatGPT Plus subscribers get access to the updated GPT 4 version. There is also early access to new features that may be available in the future and faster response times. As of now, iOS users can already download the ChatGPT app from the App Store (source link below) in the US. According to OpenAI, however, other countries will soon follow. In addition, the Android app is close to launch and should also come to various markets.



Toni Hobrecht
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