OnePlus Open supports stylus pen

The OnePlus Open is almost identical to the Oppo Find N3, which supports pen input on both displays via the Oppo Pen.
OnePlus Open Oppo Pen

The OnePlus Open is currently one of the most popular foldables on the market and has pretty much all the functions of a real flagship on board. One of the few criticisms is the lack of official pen support. However, the Open is known to be almost completely identical to the Oppo Find N3. And the N3 supports pen input on both the cover and the main display via the Oppo Pen.

A Reddit user called Rashed341 posted a video on the OnePlus subreddit showing the Oppo Pen fully functional on both the main and cover displays of the Open.

In addition, the pen already has its own sub-menu in the Open’s settings app. The Oppo Pen was originally developed for the Oppo Find N2, the predecessor of the Find N3 on which the OnePlus Open is based.

The big question is why OnePlus didn’t mention stylus support when introducing the Open. The stylus pen is also not mentioned in any of the promotional materials. Still, the support is great news for OnePlus Open owners and potential buyers.



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