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OnePlus 12: teardown, design and global launch date

The OnePlus 12 was already taken apart in the first video. A second video shows the design process of the new flagship.
OnePlus 12 design

The OnePlus 12 has just launched in China and local media is already starting to test the smartphone in every possible way. This also includes complete teardowns like in a new YouTube video from WekiHome. In it, the host explains the individual components and complex structures in the new OnePlus flagship and gives us a detailed insight into all the key components.

First, the SIM tray is removed and after heating the rear glass plate, this can also be removed. OnePlus installs the motherboard and the remaining key components behind a three-part plastic cover. You can also find the wireless charging pad, the NFC antenna, the LED flash and the ambient light sensor there.

Next up are the OnePlus 12’s three camera sensors. They include a Sony 50-megapixel dual-layer stacked Lytia 808 sensor and the 64-megapixel 70mm periscope with 3x optical zoom and OIS. The motherboard also features a dual-stack design with a special copper foil for heat dissipation around the chipset. Finally, the large steam chamber under the display is exposed. The video also highlights the numerous rubber seals that protect the smartphone from water damage. They provide the IP65 protection class.

OnePlus 12 design

The OnePlus 12 marks a special milestone for the company as it is the Chinese brand’s tenth anniversary flagship phone. OnePlus has released a special video that highlights the design process. The design story is inspired by the development of high-quality watches and is characterized by an elaborate process that can be seen in the video below.

The OnePlus 12’s body and camera module are made of aluminum alloy and the back is made of Corning Gorilla Glass. OnePlus used a special laser engraving process on the outer edge of the camera module. Each camera island is polished using special machines that work at the micrometer level to achieve the desired level of shine.

Global launch date confirmed on January 23rd

While the OnePlus 12 is already official in China, there was still no official confirmation of the global launch. Initial speculation suggested a launch on January 23rd. And this exact date has now been announced at the Never Settle Summit in Antwerp, Belgium.

In addition to the European launch date of January 23rd, Alexander Vanderhaeghe, Country Manager for OnePlus Benelux, also confirmed that the OnePlus 12R will be on stage. Some IoT products will also be presented and the black version of the OnePlus Open.

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