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OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition unveiled

The OnePlus 11 launched in early December, followed by a global release in February. The OnePlus phone was presented in two colors, black and green. Today a third variant is added with a much more exciting design – the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition is here.

The Jupiter Rock Edition has a back designed to resemble the surface of the largest planet in our solar system. Each model has a different pattern based on a material OnePlus calls “3D microcrystalline rock”. If the light falls on it, you can see a fine sparkle in the individual particles.

The OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition panel took more than a year to research and develop. The material goes through nine complex processes before approval for assembly as the back of a OnePlus 11. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the production is so complicated that the efficiency is only 50% compared to traditional glass.

OnePlus calls the new panel’s feel “as cool and skin-friendly as the jade that has been under the spring water for thousands of years.” They can speak flowery, the Chinese. Jupiter may be a gas planet, but its design and materials are based on normal microlithic rock. OnePlus simply came up with the name “Jupiter Rock”.

Other than that, the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition is the same OnePlus smartphone as before. The new variant comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage and has the same price as the green or black version – 4,899 CNY ($710/€655). Pre-orders are already live in China, with the first sale scheduled for April 3rd.



Achim Maier
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