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OnePlus 11 gets four major Android updates

OnePlus China President Li Jie confirmed that the OnePlus 11, Ace 2 and Ace 2V will get four major Android updates and five years of security patches. In the case of the OnePlus 11, that means Android 17 as the last major OS release.

Alongside Samsung and Google, OnePlus thus offers the longest support window of any manufacturer for its flagship smartphones. However, so far the information only comes from the Chinese President of OnePlus. Hopefully the same statement will also follow from global OnePlus representatives on the international OnePlus 11. The Ace 2 and Ace 2V will be sold exclusively in China only.

According to Li Jie, the financial cost of the long support window should not be underestimated. 100 million CNY (15 million US dollars/13.6 million euros) are due for four years of system updates and five years of security updates. Therefore, such long support in the Android world is unfortunately still the exception rather than the rule.



Achim Maier

Achim Maier

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