OnePlus 11 Concept with Active CryoFlux cooling unveiled

OnePlus has introduced the OnePlus 11 Concept smartphone, which the company had already teased in recent weeks.
OnePlus 11

OnePlus has introduced the OnePlus 11 concept smartphone, which the company had already teased in recent weeks. The device isn’t intended for production, and instead aims to showcase the company’s new Active CryoFlux cooling solution. Active CryoFlux is a fancy term for a closed loop liquid cooling system. Something similar is known from desktop PCs and has now been miniaturized for the OnePlus smartphone.

At the heart of the OnePlus 11 Concept is a ceramic piezoelectric micropump that circulates fluid through a series of tubes between an upper and lower diaphragm. The micropump takes up less than 0.2 cm² of space on the device and circulates the liquid moving around the hose. The hose itself acts as a heatsink and cooler, absorbing heat from the chipset and slowly releasing it on its way back to the pump.

According to OnePlus, Active Cryoflux can reduce the temperatures of the OnePlus 11 by up to 2.1 degrees. This would allow another 3-4 fps in a game. During charging, temperatures can be reduced by 1.6 degrees, reducing charging time by 30-45 seconds. The rest of the features are mostly cosmetic. OnePlus has used a curved, transparent glass for the back cover, which is said to be one piece. Also, the back cover shows the tubing underneath, which is partially lit just like the camera.

It’s unclear if OnePlus will ever implement this technology in a production smartphone. The company had already shown a self-tinting camera cover on the Concept One at CES 2020, which never went into production. There was also a color change feature on the OnePlus 8T Concept.


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