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Nothing Speaker close to launch

While we wait for the new Nothing Phone (2), the young brand’s first high-end model with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-series chipset, the Chinese are already working on a completely different product. The first teaser came a few days ago, now the second teaser and the first leak for the Nothing Speaker have appeared. We also have the first high-quality renderings.

In contrast, the leak shows the image below with a completely different design of the Nothing Speaker, which at first glance doesn’t even look like a speaker. As with its smartphone, Nothing tries to break new ground and present a unique design.

It looks like Nothing will be officially launching this speaker soon. One of the main questions at the moment is whether it is a smart speaker. Also the size can only be guessed at so far, since the picture above does not indicate any scale.

However, there appears to be a handle on top and a couple of woofers below. In between, the Nothing Speaker has what looks like two or three tweeters. The second from the left seems to have a Nothing branding, so it could also be the speaker’s display. We are looking forward to the official presentation.

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