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Nothing Phone (2): Update brings new camera features

Nothing released a major update for the Phone (2) today. The new firmware is mainly focused on camera improvements but also brings some other changes to various parts of the software.

General camera updates:

  • Improved clarity of faces in indoor environments
  • Optimised highlight levels in low light environments
  • Added an [sic] UI element to show when HDR is active
  • Optimised highlight exposure when shooting in HDR
  • Reduced dull tones when shooting in HDR
  • Resolved halo effect issue in Portrait Mode when shooting in HDR

Rear camera updates:

  • Enhanced photo clarity in 50 MP Mode
  • Optimised stability and contrast when recording videos on the rear camera
  • Improved photo quality in low-light settings
  • Improved the contrast and Bokeh effect when shooting in Portrait Mode
  • Optimised the clarity of faces when shooting in Portrait Mode
  • Faster HDR processing speed

Front camera updates:

  • Enhanced photo clarity
  • Improved quality in low-light settings
  • Faster HDR processing speed

New Nothing Phone (2) features:

  • Feature that can shut down apps when the device reaches its temperature limit
  • Refined the out-of-battery visual when device is switched off
  • Added different icons for each of the Nothing audio products to volume control
  • Updated to Google’s July security patch

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Reworked haptic feedback strength when typing
  • Improved responsiveness of the touch panel under certain conditions
  • Improved reliability of network for multiple global carriers
  • Enhanced performance of some games when played in HDR
  • Improved system stability
  • Amended issues with Dirac Audio
  • Resolved an issue affecting Google Wallet functioning in cloned apps
  • Fixed an issue causing ‘double tap to wake’ to be unresponsive at times
  • Resolved an issue causing the Bluetooth Quick Settings tile to be unresponsive at times
  • Other general bug fixes

The update is already available for all Nothing Phone (2) phones worldwide. Nothing also announced that the Nothing OS 2.0 update is coming to the Nothing Phone (1) within the next few weeks.

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Thomas Dietrich
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