Nothing Ear (2) with improved ANC and LHDC unveiled

Nothing Tech just announced their new Ear (2) wireless earphones. The Nothing Ear (2) are already the third Nothing headphones.
Nothing Ear (2)

Nothing Tech just announced their new wireless earbuds. The Nothing Ear (2) are the third member of Nothing’s wireless earphone series, following the predecessor from June 2021 and the Ear (stick). In terms of design, however, not much has changed between the two models. However, the range of functions has increased significantly.

The Nothing Ear (2) offer support for the LHDC 5.0 audio codec, which allows you to stream Hi-Res audio. The headphones also feature a new personalized sound profile. This allows you to calibrate the buds to your specific hearing after a short test in the Nothing X companion app. In addition, you can use the equalizer integrated in the app for fine tuning.

The Nothing Ear (2) also offer adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC), which blocks out unwanted noise based on the specific hearing profile and environment. Nothing updated the 11.6mm speakers with a new cone unit made from graphene and polyurethane materials. Voice recording has also been revamped with better wind noise filtering, designed to better isolate voices. Dual pairing with two Bluetooth devices is also on board.

The battery life, including the charging case, is up to 36 hours. The case charges via USB-C or wirelessly with 2.5 watts. The Nothing Ear (2) support Google Fast Pair for Android devices and Microsoft Swift Pair for Windows users. The case has an IP55 protection against dust and water splashes, while the earphones offer an IP54 rating.

Nothing Ear (2) prices

The Nothing Ear (2) are priced at $149/€149/£129 and are available to order now through London residents can also check out the Nothing Store in Soho. The official online and offline retail partners will be offering the headphones for free sale starting March 28th.


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