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Nothing Ear (2) in black with extended EQ unveiled

Nothing announced several updates to its headphones division today. First of all, the Nothing Ear (2) is now also available in black and also with a new, extended equalizer. In addition to simplified presets and the 3-band EQ, the new 8-band EQ can now also be found on the “Advanced” tab. And it has it all.

In addition to being able to adjust each of the eight bands, you can also specify which frequency the eight bands should control. You can also adjust the Q factor, which allows you to change and set the shape of the EQ curve. And thus how broad or narrow the changes made by the band adjustment affect the entire frequency range.

You can save your own changes in several user-defined profiles, which can also be shared with other users. So far, however, the extended equalizer is only available on the Ear (2) and the Ear (stick), not on the original Ear (1) earphones.

The Nothing Ear (stick), on the other hand, get active noise cancellation with the new update. After updating the firmware, you will be warned that this will reduce battery life. You can even switch back to an older firmware if you don’t use ANC anyway and would rather keep more playtime.

However, the function is only effective to a limited extent, since the Nothing Ear (stick) are open-ear earplugs. However, it helps to somewhat reduce low-frequency humming, for example from fans or air conditioning systems.


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