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Nokia Pure UI – new interface with a new design language

The Nokia design team has developed a new user interface design language for all Nokia products called Pure UI.
Nokia Pure UI

The Nokia design team has developed a new user interface design language called Pure UI. The new interface covers all types of products, not just Nokia smartphones. Apparently, this does not include products from the brand that Nokia manufactures under license. The design aims to be consistent, flexible and future-proof, and has a clean, minimalist look. There are several components, starting with templates and guidelines, that determine the overall look. A key part of the new design is the Nokia Pure font, which runs throughout the whole user interface.

Nokia has also designed new icons for Pure UI. They are based on strokes, the thickness of which the system can vary to suit the display needs and capabilities of a particular device. There are also smooth animations when a certain component needs the user’s attention.

The Nokia team has also prepared standard elements that designers can use to quickly create consistent looking designs. Dark mode is of course supported, with elements and icons adapting their style accordingly.

Nokia Pure UI also has powerful components that can be used to create complex web-based dashboards, for example. The user interface covers pretty much everything – from small smartwatch displays to large wall-mounted TVs.

You can take a closer look at the new user interface under the source link.



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