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Next Apple Pencil could work with Vision Pro headset

The next Apple Pencil is rumored to support not only iPads but also the Apple Vision Pro headset.
Apple Pencil USB-C

The next Apple Pencil, rumored to launch alongside the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in the next few weeks, might be more interesting than we expected. According to an unnamed source, the stylus will support not only iPads, but also Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

It’s unclear exactly how the stylus would work with the headset. Perhaps the most obvious guess is that you use it to draw on a desk or other flat surface and the data is automatically transferred to visionOS and visible in the Vision Pro headset. The environment becomes a pressure and tilt-sensitive canvas for the Apple Pencil.

So far, however, this is still speculation. The source simply claims that Apple has internally tested a stylus with VisionOS support. This pen works with drawing apps on the Vision Pro headset like Freeform and Pixelmator. How exactly this works remains a secret for now.

Either way, a software update for the Apple Vision Pro headset would be necessary to add support for the new Apple Pencil. Apple is expected to release the first beta version of visionOS 1.2 this week. As usual, various developers will then search the code for clues about the new Apple Pencil.

Tim Cook confirms: Apple Vision Pro is coming to China this year

The Apple Vision Pro was announced in June last year and went on sale in the US eight months later, in early February. Apple’s first spatial computer was previously only available in the USA. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the headset will come to China this year.

The Apple boss attended the China Development Forum in Beijing and also confirmed that Apple will continue to increase its investment in research and development in China. Speculation suggests that Apple could bring the Vision Pro to the Chinese market in April or May. However, the first batch in China is expected to be very limited.

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