News ticker: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, Google Magic Eraser, YouTube Podcasts

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is said to have no crease, the Google Magic Eraser is erasing on more phones and YouTube Music now has podcasts.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 360 Display

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 to get new hinge

The latest rumor about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 comes from reputable tipster Ice Universe and revolves around the revised hinge mechanism. The report confirms that Samsung will adopt a new waterdrop hinge for the Galaxy Z Fold5. A similar report emerged from South Korea last month.

Samsung Display’s folding hinge mechanism called “Droplet” forms a teardrop shape inside the hinge body when folding the Galaxy Z Fold5. This will prevent the crease between the two halves of the screen.

Motorola and Oppo have taken similar approaches on their foldables to hide the crease. Ice Universe also announced that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will only be 13.x mm thick when folded. That would be a significant improvement compared to the 15.8 mm of the Galaxy Z Fold4 (review).


Google Magic Eraser is coming to all Pixel phones and to Google One subscribers on Android and iOS

The Magic Eraser feature introduced by Google with the Pixel 6 is coming to all Pixel smartphones soon. Also, Google integrates the feature into the Google Photos app, whether it runs on Android or iOS. However, you need a Google One subscription. Additionally, the Google Photos app also offers HDR for videos. The function is also available to all Google One subscribers. In addition, Google One subscribers can apply styles to a single photo in the Google Photos app’s collage editor and access additional, exclusive styles.

The Mountain View-based internet search giant also announced free printed photo mailing for Google One members living in the US, Canada, Europe or the UK. The rollout of the new Google Photos features for Google One subscribers and all Pixel users has already begun. If you’re not a Google One member, you can sign up for a free trial in Google Photos starting in early March.


YouTube Music is getting podcasts

Podcasts will soon be added to YouTube Music. YouTube podcast boss Kai Chuk confirmed to The Verge that the feature will be available “in the near future”. And for all users, whether free or premium – as with videos, there is advertising in the free version. Audio first shows also receive a special podcast badge.

“If someone wants to watch a podcast, we have a solution,” Chuk said. “If someone wants to listen to a podcast only, we should have a great experience for that as well.” However, exclusive shows or licensed original content were not part of the announcement. Instead, YouTube Music wants to focus on its creators.


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