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The Apple MacBook Air 15 and Realme 11 Pro and 11 Pro+ are set to launch and the Apple AirPods are set for a sound update.
Apple MacBook Air 15

Apple increases production of the MacBook Air 15

According to display industry analyst Ross Young, Apple began mass production of the new 15-inch MacBook Air in February and ramped up production in March. Apple is reportedly planning another increase in April, so the MacBook Air 15 will be ready to ship right after the launch.

Earlier reports suggested that Apple could unveil the biggest MacBook Air yet in April or May. Meanwhile, a presentation at Apple’s WWDC conference in June seems more likely. The new Apple MacBook Air 15.4 joins the newly designed 13.6-inch MacBook Air. But it remains to be seen whether it will get the M2 chipset or whether the new M3 processor is already on board.


New Apple AirPods patent for more immersive sound

Apple has filed a new patent with the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) describing a possible future feature of its AirPods headphones. It aims to make listening to music more immersive and natural by taking into account the acoustics of the environment.

The headphones dynamically adjust various parameters to simulate the user’s acoustic environment. In theory, with the available sensors, microphones and digital signal processing unit, the headset should be able to detect where you are – in the car, train, room, office, etc.

The algorithm then adjusts the sound pressure, simulates the acoustics of the environment, and tunes the sound acoustics of the source audio or video file. Judging by the schematic above, spatial audio also plays a key role. Like most patents, this one can end up in a real product or disappear again without a trace.


Realme 11 Pro and 11 Pro+ certified with 67 and 100 watt chargers

Last week, a TENAA certification of the upcoming Realme 11 Pro and 11 Pro+ came to light. Now another leak brings the first information about the charging capabilities of the upcoming Realme smartphones. According to this, the Realme 11 Pro with the model code RMX3770 will charge with 67 watts, while the Realme 11 Pro+ (RMX3740) will send up to 100 watts through the cable. The battery capacity is 5,000 mAh each.

Both Realme 11 are expected to have 6.7-inch curved OLED displays with FHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. The Realme 11 Pro will have a 108-megapixel main camera, while the Pro+ will have up to 200-megapixels. An as yet unannounced MediaTek chipset in combination with up to 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage should take over the drive.


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