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New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 teaser and Expert RAW update

Samsung is launching the Galaxy Z Flip5 on July 26th and the teaser campaign is in full swing. The latest addition is a short animated video as part of the “Join the flip side” marketing campaign. The video features an animated version of the Z Flip5 serving as a full-fledged disco for several flat art characters.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 also appeared in another promotional video last week that performed in the style of a horror series.

Samsung US is already accepting pre-reservations for its next-gen flip foldables. Anyone who now decides on the Galaxy Z Flip5 will receive a credit of 50 US dollars. With prices going up again this year, we can only hope that we’ll get some deals and discounts in Europe too.

Samsung Expert RAW Camera App: Update improves image quality

Samsung has updated its Expert RAW camera app. The update improves the image quality and fixes some bugs. Samsung does not go into details. But as far as image quality goes, the latest version of Expert RAW lowers the saturation in the photos taken with the app.

The improvements and fixes are part of Expert RAW version, which is already available on the Galaxy Store. Most of the Samsung flagships launched since 2020 support Expert RAW. You can download it from the source link.


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