Motorola shows adaptive display concept

Motorola has shown off a new adaptive flexible POLED display concept phone at its annual Global Tech World event.
Lenovo Adaptive Display

Lenovo showed off a new adaptive display at its annual Global Tech World event. The flexible POLED display concept phone can be bent around your wrist or set up as a tripod. Lenovo’s mobile communications division Motorola thinks that the concept is a crucial building block on the path to a hands-free future.

Motorola has not yet released detailed technical specifications for the adaptive display concept. However, we already know that it has a diagonal of 6.9 inches and an FHD+ resolution. There are also pretty noticeable edges and a fabric back. You can attach the device to a metal cuff, put it around your wrist where magnets hold it in position.

The user interface appears to shape itself based on the orientation of the display. According to Motorola, the flexible display when worn on the wrist can be compared to the external display of the Razr 40 Ultra, also known as Razr+. Its 3.6-inch cover display also offers full access to Android apps.

Motorola also demonstrated some generative AI features designed to take advantage of the form factor. MotoAI, Lenovo’s interface for the new adaptive display concept, offers, among other things, personalized background images and themes. You simply snap a photo of your outfit and the AI uses it to generate matching background images.



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