MIUI 14: These 10 Xiaomi phones will get the update first

According to a new leak, the international version of MIUI 14 is about to be launched for the first Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones.
Xiaomi MIUI 14

The MIUI 14 update is getting closer and closer to release. There are a number of pretty important updates and improvements in the latest version of Xiaomi’s interface. According to a new leak, the international version is now about to launch for the first ten Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones.

The redesign of the user interface with a more minimalistic look is arguably the biggest change in MIUI 14. The updated version also promises a new design for the default system apps. Custom wallpapers and new home screen widgets are also part of the update.

Actually, it was widely expected that MIUI 14 would be unveiled with the launch of the new Xiaomi 13 phones. Instead, earlier this year, a major leak revealed which Xiaomi phones will get the MIUI 14 update. Today’s leak gets more specific, listing which ten smartphones will receive the update first via the MIUI 14 global builds program. Here is the list:

MIUI 14 – Xiaomi phones:

Redmi phones:

Poco phones:

MIUI 14 will be a much bigger update than MIUI 13. In addition to numerous improvements, it also includes several new functions. There should be new system animations, new privacy options and a tool for recognizing and editing text in photos. Compared to MIUI 13, the new interface also consumes less system resources and up to 1.5GB less storage space. Third-party apps should also run more smoothly and consume less power at the same time. There are only eight pre-installed apps instead of 16, all of which can also be uninstalled.

There are features like merging duplicate files, automatic compression of rarely used apps, and a simple option to permanently disable notifications. In fact, there are already reports that the system runs 60% faster compared to MIUI 13.

Four different app icon sizes and customizable folders are also on board, as are animated cat/dog avatars on the home screen. In addition, MIUI 14 also adds new security features such as local storage of sensitive data. And in video calls, you can have real-time subtitles if you want.

Xiaomi has also been working on a new digital assistant called XiaoAi AI Assistant 6.0. In addition, MIUI 14 brings shared cloud storage, for example for the family, the sharing of health data and faster WiFi connections.


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