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Microsoft updates Bing app and Skype with OpenAI support

Two weeks after launching its AI-powered Bing chatbot, Microsoft is now bringing the functionality to mobile and Skype. First, the function will be added to Bing Android and iOS app. Anyone who took part in the beta test was already able to tap the Bing button in the app and start a conversation with the chatbot based on ChatGPT. You can type in the relevant questions or simply tap the microphone button to speak them out.

If you don’t want to install the Bing app, you can use the Microsoft Edge app homepage instead. It offers similar functions to the Bing app and is also available for Android and iOS.

Skype users can also access the new information from Bing, regardless of the platform. You can either chat with Bing or add the search service to your own group chats. In group chats, everyone can then tag Bing and start a search query. You can also choose whether the answer should be bulleted, text or a simplified answer in over 100 languages.

If all this means little to you – the Bing search with AI support is Microsoft’s answer to intelligent AI chatbots like the popular ChatGPT. The new search can provide detailed, intelligent answers to a wide variety of questions. Both simple questions like the distance to the moon and more complex ones like creating a complete itinerary for a trip to Japan are possible. Previously, the feature was only available via invitations and only via the Microsoft Edge browser on the desktop.



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