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Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard available again for iOS

It ended in September, and now Microsoft seems to have changed its mind - the SwiftKey keyboard is back on iOS.
Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard Apple iOS

Microsoft withdrew SwiftKey from Apple’s App Store back in September after an official statement. Many users were somewhat disappointed because the keyboard is one of the better alternatives to the standard iOS keyboard. Now Microsoft seems to have changed their mind – the SwiftKey Keyboard is back on the App Store.

A recent tweet from Microsoft’s Vice President of Office Product Group, Vishnu Nath, confirmed the good news. SwiftKey is actually available again for Apple iPhones and will soon get new functions.

A company spokesman clarified that based on user feedback, Microsoft is bringing back SwiftKey for iOS and renewing support for the platform. In addition, Microsoft will invest heavily in SwiftKey in the future.


Mats Hellqvist
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