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Microsoft Phone Link streams audio from Android phones to Windows 11 PCs

The Microsoft Phone Link app was launched a while ago and was originally intended exclusively for Samsung phone owners. With the release of Windows 11, the feature was extended to all Android smartphones.

Now it gets a cool new feature – streaming audio files from Android phone to Windows 11 PC. The feature sounds a lot like Spotify’s Connect feature, which also lets you stream your music to other devices. But the Phone Link app does more than just stream Spotify content. Unfortunately, the audio streaming feature isn’t generally available yet. Only selected users see the new option so far, which also doesn’t seem to be activated yet.

In addition, Phone Link introduces a “Continuity Browsing History” when using a Samsung smartphone with a Samsung Internet Browser. This synchronizes the browser history on the cell phone and PC and you can switch seamlessly between the two devices and continue surfing.


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