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Microsoft Copilot: AI Assistant will be part of Windows 11

Microsoft Copilot is intended to help Windows 11 users with complex tasks and was developed as a central AI assistant.
Microsoft Windows 11 Copilot

With no intention of slowing down, Microsoft continues to look for ways to build AI into every product of its own. The latest move aims to put an AI assistant at the heart of Windows 11. The tech giant’s annual developer conference, known as Microsoft Build, is currently underway. AI is a main theme of the event this year. In addition to a series of business and developer announcements, the company also announced that the new AI assistant will soon be launched under the name Windows Copilot.

According to Microsoft, the term Copilot has established itself as a collective term for all AI functions and large language models such as GPT-4 in the company. Copilot is intended to help Windows users with complex tasks and was developed as a central AI assistant. It’s available throughout much of Windows 11 to answer questions, change settings, connect across apps, and more.

According to the announcement, Copilot will be in the center of the taskbar. Clicking on it brings up a sidebar where you can interact with the AI Assistant in a similar way to Bing Chat. The video above shows some examples of how the function works. An example shows the prompt “How can I adjust my system to get work done?”. The bot then not only suggests using the focus timer function and dark mode, but also directly offers the appropriate apps for activation.

In another example, a user drags and drops a document into the “Ask me anything” field. He then clicks summarize and Windows Copilot creates a numbered list of the topics covered in the document. Windows Copilot will not be available immediately. But according to Microsoft, the first preview for Windows 11 will come in June.


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