Microsoft announces three new Xbox consoles

Microsoft has announced two new versions of its Xbox Series X console and a new variant of the Xbox S. All three are coming in December.
Microsoft Xbox X Special Edition

Microsoft announced three new variants of its current-gen Xbox consoles during its Xbox Games Showcase 2024 event. These include two new Series X models and a new Series S variant.

The first is the Microsoft Xbox Series X 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition. This is simply the existing Series X with 2TB of storage instead of the usual 1TB. The console features a speckled pattern with silver, grey and green dots with a light green base. The controller also has a green back and speckled D-pad. This variant will retail for $600 (€557) and will be offered in limited quantities in select markets.

Next up is the Xbox Series X 1TB Digital Edition. This is a variant of the existing Series X but without an optical drive, meaning you can only access games and movies digitally. It comes in white and will cost $450 (€418) in select markets.

Finally, Microsoft announced a 1TB black Xbox Series S variant that first appeared almost exactly a year ago. The only difference is that this model is offered in white. Otherwise, it is identical to the other version and will be available for the same price of $350 (€325).

Microsoft says that the black model will be offered while supplies last, which suggests that it is no longer being manufactured. The new models will be released during the holiday season.


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