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Microsoft announces Bing and Edge with OpenAI integration

Microsoft is set to launch its Bing search engine and Edge browser with a large, next-generation OpenAI language model.
OpenAI ChatGPT

After its recent $10 billion investment in OpenAI, Microsoft is now overhauling its Bing search engine and Edge browser with a large, next-generation OpenAI language model. In the future, Bing and Edge will use the OpenAI infrastructure to provide summarized answers to specific search queries. This is intended to combine the previous collections of search results more closely.

Microsoft also applies the new AI model to its search algorithm. According to the Redmonders, the new OpenAI model used in Bing and Edge is faster, more accurate and more powerful than ChatGPT. Bing will keep its classic search results page, but there will be more relevant results for basic searches in the future. OpenAI also handles more complicated requests and plans trips, writes poetry, translates code into another programming language and much more. The new AI chat feature has its own sidebar. There you enter short or long search queries and can refine them until you get the right answers.

Microsoft Edge also gets an OpenAI integration, which allows you to see contextual information for the displayed page. The sidebar in Edge includes Chat, Compose, Overview, and Site Info tabs. You can format search results to send via email, a blog post, or a bulleted list. The length of the answer can be set between short, medium and long.

Tests are currently still running for the new, AI-supported Bing and Edge. In addition to a mobile version, Microsoft is also planning a public release version for the coming weeks. Some of the new AI features can already be tested here directly in Bing.



Achim Maier
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