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Locked iPhones with iOS 17 can be used as smart displays

iOS 17 will come later this year alongside the Apple iPhone 15 series. A new report from Bloomberg’s usually very reliable journalist Mark Gurman today sheds some light on what we can expect from Apple’s next operating system version. Aside from the usual performance improvements, of course. Perhaps the most exciting new feature will be the option to use a locked iPhone running iOS 17 as a smart display. It displays calendar appointments, weather information, and notifications in a new style reminiscent of a standalone smart display.

The Smart Display view supposedly only appears when the iPhone is in landscape mode. The obvious idea behind this is to give iPhones more functionality when they’re on the desk or bedside table. The feature should work with a dark background and light text for better readability.

iPhones and iPads as smart displays

Apple is said to be working on a similar feature for iPads as well. However, it’s unclear when Apple might release the feature, as the company has been slow to bring new iPhone features to its tablets lately. Incidentally, the progress of Apple’s new inexpensive tablet, which can be magnetically attached to walls and stands, is said to be similarly sluggish.

The Wallet app will see some “significant changes” in iOS 17. There will also be improvements to location services and a new journaling app. The latter was designed to “add note taking and a stronger social element to the device”. There are also new functions for logging your own mood and dealing with poor eyesight. The premiere of the Health app on iPadOS will also be an issue.

After all, AirPlay could be used much more often in hotels and “other places that offer TVs and speakers”. AirPlay itself will be updated along with SharePlay in the next version of Apple’s mobile software. In what form, however, is not yet known. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 17 on June 5th at its WorldWide Developer Conference.


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