Lenovo Legion Go: first images of the gaming handheld

Today, the first images of the Lenovo Legion Go, set to compete against the Valve Steam Deck and the Asus ROG Ally, have surfaced.
Lenovo Legion Go

Lenovo may have withdrawn from the gaming smartphone market. But that doesn’t mean the Chinese have given up mobile gaming entirely. The website Windows Report today shared the first images of the upcoming Lenovo Legion Go gaming handheld. The Go is rumored to be up against Valve’s Steam Deck and the Asus ROG Ally.

Lenovo has opted for a design with detachable controllers on each side, similar to the Nintendo Switch. The RGB lighting around the two joysticks is already familiar from the Nintendo console. The right controller also has a trackpad, which should be good for navigating the Windows 11 interface. The Ryzen 7040 chipset from AMD’s Phoenix series is rumored to take over the drive.

The Lenovo Legion Go is said to be based on an 8-inch touchscreen with relatively thin edges. However, neither the resolution nor the refresh rate is known so far. In addition to a microSD card slot, the leak also mentions a headphone jack, power and volume buttons and a USB-C port on the top of the console. Another USB-C port is installed on the underside.

On the back of the Lenovo Legion Go there is a built-in stand with the Legion logo and what appears to be an air duct above it for the processor’s waste heat. As befits a gaming console, there are a variety of buttons, including all standard buttons, but also M1 and M2 shoulder buttons that extend down the side of the device. On the back, additional M3 and M4 buttons sit on the right controller, as well as a scroll wheel, what it is an interesting choice. The left controller also has Y1 and Y2 buttons on the back, which are likely to be individually assignable.



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