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iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024: Smaller bezels and matte displays

The Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024 are expecting a few updates, including a thinner design, the M3 chipset and matte displays.
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The day before yesterday, a rumor surfaced that the entire iPhone 16 series will launch with thinner bezels. According to a new leak, the same could apply to the upcoming iPad Pro models. Apple is widely expected to unveil a new generation of the iPad Pro either later this month or in April. According to rumors, these tablets will be 7.12 mm (for the 11-inch model) or 7.08 mm (for the 12.9-inch tablet) narrower than the previous iPad Pro models.

That would equate to a 10 to 15% reduction in margins. The next Apple iPad Pro tablets will also get the M3 chipset, a landscape-oriented front camera, some design improvements to the main camera and perhaps wireless charging with MagSafe. An updated Magic Keyboard with a partially aluminum case and a new Apple Pencil are also coming. Aside from the smaller bezels, the dimensions are probably the most noticeable thing. Thanks to the OLED displays, they should be the thinnest iPads of all time.

A tipster on Weibo also claims that Apple suppliers have already sent samples of the new iPad Pro to the US. In two versions – with a glossy and a matte display. According to the tip, the same applies to the upcoming iPad Pro. However, it’s unclear whether the tipster means a fully matte finish or an anti-reflective coating like the Pro Display XDR from 2019. Samsung has just introduced an anti-reflective coating on its brand new Galaxy S24 Ultra, which supports the report.

The same source also published a report about the iPhone 17 series and claimed that the future smartphones would feature the same anti-reflective technology as the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It’s a little too early to draw firm conclusions from these rumors. However, the new iPad Pro 2024 and the upcoming iPad Air could introduce improved anti-reflection technology, which could also come to iPhones next year. According to the latest leak, we will know more by March 26th at the latest.

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