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Huawei Watch Buds 2-in-1 smartwatch launches in Europe

The Huawei Watch Buds 2-in-1 smartwatch, which launched in China last December, is now available in Europe. The price is €499 and sales start on March 1st. Anyone who pre-orders the smartwatch via Huawei’s official website and pays €30 in advance will receive a €30 discount. Effectively you only pay 469 €, and there is also a Huawei Scale 3 for free.

In the UK, the Huawei Watch Buds are priced at £449.99. Again, the £30 rule applies when buying from Huawei’s UK website, bringing the effective price down to £419.99. And here, too, there is a free Scale 3.

The Huawei Watch Buds is a 2-in-1 device. The Huawei smartwatch display flips up to uncover a pair of TWS earbuds. The buds feature AI Noise Cancelation Calling and are compatible with Android and iOS devices, just like the watch.

In addition, the Huawei Watch Buds has the usual health and fitness functions that are also known from most other smartwatches. The watch itself has a 410mAh battery, while each Buds comes with a 30mAh cell.

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