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Huawei and Google Apps: Gspace and GBox

Since the US problems, Huawei phones have been coming onto the market without pre-installed Google apps. But there are very good alternatives.
Huawei P50 Pro

Since Huawei was declared an undesirable smartphone manufacturer by the US government, the Chinese manufacturer’s phones have been coming onto the market without preinstalled Google apps. In terms of hardware, Huawei is still in the absolute top league, which has just been proven with the Huawei P50 Pro and the P50 Pocket. And the P60 series and the upcoming Huawei Mate 60 series will also be highly exciting devices.

Luckily, there are several ways to install Google apps on Huawei devices. Initially, the best option was to use Googlefier. This got the full Google services on your Huawei phone as if it came with Google apps pre-installed. However, Googlefier has one major disadvantage – you need EMUI 10 as the basis. And from EMUI 13 at the latest, the rollback to Huawei’s older interface is no longer technically possible. Since then, the most obvious alternative has been the Gspace app, which can be downloaded directly from Huawei’s app gallery.

Gspace: Google Play Store on Huawei cell phones

Gspace creates an environment where one can easily access the Google Play Store to download any Google apps they want. However, not all Google services are fully installed on the Huawei smartphone. But there are three downsides in using Gspace.

Battery usage

Every Huawei smartphones user knows how good the devices usually are in terms of battery life. Unfortunately, that changes with the Gspace app. In fact, after a short while, most users will see a system notification that the Gspace app consumes a lot of battery power. If you then look at the details under Battery usage in the settings app, Gspace will most likely be top of the list.


Another downside of the Gspace app is advertising. Ads when opening and closing apps running in the Gspace environment are the rule rather than the exception. Alternatively, you can buy the ad-free full version.

App crashes

Gspace apps crashing doesn’t happen that often. But if it does, the corresponding app crashes completely without warning. In most cases you can then pick up where you left off. In the worst case, all data is gone and you have to start over.

Alternative: GBox with less ads and significantly less battery consumption

Gspace still works very well for most users. But there is a new system that works better – the GBox app. GBox basically works the same way as G-Space. On the one hand, the battery consumption is significantly lower and there are very few ads. In addition, GBox does not cause other apps to crash.

This is also reflected in the list of the largest energy consumers. Gspace accounts for around 15% of battery consumption on average. GBox, on the other hand, remains permanently at around 1%. For this reason alone, Gbox is the far better way to install Google apps on your Huawei phone.

Unlike the Gspace app, GBox is not yet available through the Huawei App Gallery. But the start is already in the planning stage. Both APK files can be downloaded from the official sources using the links below.

Download Gspace / Download GBox

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