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Honor Magic V2 is assembled in the video

The Honor Magic V2 is still the world's thinnest and lightest book-style foldable. How easy is it to assemble?
Honor Magic V2

Over the years we’ve seen quite a few teardown/disassembly videos of YouTubers disassembling various smartphones or tablets. Some even reassemble the devices at the end. YouTuber Zack from JerryRigEverything has now followed exactly the same path with the Honor Magic V2.

Starting with a series of parts, he reassembled the smartphone on camera with the help of Honor, who sponsored the video. In the beginning there are only parts, in the end a fully functional Honor Magic V2. The Chinese presented the latest foldable Honor smartphone last month.

The Honor Magic V2 is still the world’s thinnest and lightest book-style foldable. Not even the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 presented this week could undercut the dimensions of the Honor cell phone. The timing of the video’s release therefore may not have been a coincidence. Obviously, Honor wanted to take some wind out of Xiaomis sails, if not steal the show.

The V2 is also directly compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 in size and weight in the video. The Samsung phone is the Honor foldable’s main competitor outside of China and, like its predecessor Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, is likely to become the world’s best-selling clamshell phone again.


Achim Maier
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