HMD announces Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G

Following the new Pulse series, HMD has now introduced a trio of affordable feature phones - the Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and the 235 4G.
Nokia 235 4G

Following the newly launched Pulse series smartphones, HMD has now launched a trio of new 4G feature phones with the Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G. The three devices have similar specs, including the Unisoc T107 chipset and S30+ operating system.

The Nokia 215 4G and 235 4G have 2.8-inch IPS LCD displays with QVGA resolutions. The Nokia 225 4G instead uses a slightly smaller 2.4-inch LCD panel. There are clear differences in the camera setup, especially with the 215 4G, which has no camera at all. The 225 4G has a VGA camera on the back, while the top model 235 4G has a resolution of 2 megapixels.

The rest of the specs include removable 1,450mAh batteries, FM radios, Bluetooth 5.0 and of course Snake. Devices sold in Africa, India, the Middle East and select countries in APAC also support downloadable cloud apps.

The Nokia 215 4G is available in black, dark blue and peach. The price is expected to be €59. The Nokia 225 4G in pink and dark blue changes hands at a recommended retail price of €69. The Nokia 235 4G is available in black, blue and purple and costs the equivalent of €79.

Nokia 215 4G / Nokia 225 4G / Nokia 235 4G


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