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Google’s official Pixel Phone simulator shows the Pixel 8 Pro

Google is now even pushing leaks and has already included the Pixel 8 Pro in its own 3D Pixel Phone simulator.
Google Pixel 8 Pro

For years, the Google Pixel phones have been among the smartphone world’s worst-kept secrets, whether intentional or not. Continuing this tradition, the Google Pixel 8 series has been going through the rumor mill regularly for months now with new rumours, leaks and teasers almost every week. Google is now even taking part itself and has already included the new models in its own 3D pixel phone simulator.

The simulator shows the Google Pixel 8 Pro from all angles. In addition, individual spots point to the positions of the sensors, connectors and cameras of the upcoming flagship. This also includes the new temperature sensor, which is placed next to the flash on the back. For what purpose Google will use the temperature sensor, we will hopefully find out on October 4th.

The three color variants in which the top model will be launched can also be seen. These include Licorice (black), Porcelain (beige) and Sky (blue). The simulator also confirms that the Google Pixel 8 Pro will have a physical SIM slot and not just an eSIM as some rumors had suggested. In the meantime, the URL to the Pixel Phone Simulator (source link) is still accessible. But it loads without any visible result.

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Thomas Dietrich
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