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Google Pixel Watch: Materials and production cost at $123

The Google Pixel Watch launched last year for $349. The material and production costs are significantly lower.
Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch launched last year and started at $349 in the US. However, according to a new report by Counterpoint Research, the material and production costs are significantly lower, as expected. Analysis shows that the total bill of materials (BoM) for the Pixel Watch is $123.

Of course, this figure does not include development costs or marketing budgets. Samsung earns the most from the Google Pixel Watch, as the Koreans come to around 20% of the BoM cost with the chipset, the LTE transceiver for the LTE model, as well as “other paired components”. There’s also a coprocessor made by NXP, as well as memory made by Kingston. The combined cost of the two processors and memory accounts for almost 27% of the BoM.

The second biggest beneficiary on the supply side is BOE, from which Google buys the Pixel Watch’s 1.2-inch OLED display. This corresponds to 14% of the BoM. The GPS chip is supplied by Broadcom, as is the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chip, while STMicroelectronics provides the components for the eSIM and Google Pay.

The Google Pixel Watch’s six-axis inertial sensor and digital compass are also from STMicroelectronics, while the heart rate monitoring system uses components from Texas Instruments.


Achim Maier
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