Google Pixel Watch March update is here

The Google Pixel Watch update is finally here. The new firmware brings one of the most hyped features to the Google smartwatch.
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Google typically sends out monthly updates to its devices on the first Monday of every month. But for some reason that wasn’t the case this time. The company waited until the third Monday of the month, but today the big update for the Google Pixel Watch is finally here. The new firmware brings one of the most hyped features to the Google smartwatch – fall detection. But that’s not the only new feature in the changelog.

For example, the Google Pixel Watch will now continue to display the time by pressing the crown, even after it has been turned off due to a low battery. The action activates a small digital clock next to the red low battery indicator. In addition to enabling the always-on display in settings or in the companion app, you can now activate the AOD by turning the haptic crown. When the AOD is off, this wakes up the display and increases the brightness of the watch in ambient mode. The sensitivity of the touchscreen has been optimized and the battery saver mode is now activated with a single tap. There are also new color correction and grayscale modes in the display settings.

Also, Google will release an update for the clock app via the Play Store in the coming weeks. This is intended to fix problems with alarms that go off too early or too late. Google recommends activating the automatic update of apps in the Play Store right away. This will automatically bring updates to the Google Pixel Watch as they become available. The new version comes with the security patch level of March 5, 2023. The new build number is RWDA.230114.008.J2 in Japan and Taiwan and RWDA.230114.008.R1 in the rest of the world.


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