Google Pixel Watch: Glass back can come off

Since the Google Pixel Watch is officially water-resistant to 5 ATM, a secured back plate should be taken for granted.
Google Pixel Watch

If you are currently looking for a new Wear OS smartwatch, you will primarily end up with the Samsung Galaxy Watches or the Google Pixel Watches. Google’s first attempt at making a good Wear OS smartwatch primarily lays a solid foundation for the next Pixel Watch 2. However, being a Pixel device, the Pixel Watch suffers from the Pixel hardware bane – first users report that their watches jump open randomly. Several cases have been reported where the back plate of the watch has come off. In the reported cases, removing the watch from the magnetic charger resulted in the entire glass back sliding off cleanly.

This indicates that the glue holding the backplate in place has dried out. In most of these reports, we can’t see any adhesive residue on the watch or backplate. When charging, the Google Pixel Watch heats up, which can also loosen the adhesive over time.

Google has not yet officially confirmed the problem. Affected users contacted Google support and the company sent most of them a replacement device. Some owners had to escalate the issue to get a replacement device, according to the Reddit thread.

Since the Google Pixel Watch is officially water-resistant to 5 ATM, a secured back plate should be a no-brainer. Instead, many users are unsettled, even if the back plate still seems securely installed at first glance. Anyone who notices movement or tolerances on the back plate of their watch should urgently keep it away from dust and water and contact Google support.


Google has now issued a statement on this subject. Here is the full explanation:

“We’re aware of a very small number of Google Pixel Watch users having an issue with the glass on the back of the watch. We’re working to identify its cause and rectify the situation as quickly as possible.”


Hopefully Google will get to the bottom of the cause soon and take care of any customers who encounter this issue.

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