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Google Pixel Watch 2: first watch faces leak

New Google hardware regularly shows up in leaks long before it’s unveiled. The upcoming Google Pixel Watch 2 seems to be no exception to this rule. Android Authority just got its hands on the first watch faces. After all, the desirability of a smartwatch stands and falls with the design and manufacturers try to offer a wide variety and customization options. The designers of the Google Pixel Watch 2 came up with four main categories: Accessible, Arc, Bold Digital and Analog Bold.

The Google Pixel Watch 2’s arc-watch faces are highly customizable. There are six variants in total, but each has two sub-variants for further customization with two or four additional slots.

And the same watch faces but with fewer options.

Info looks like a combination of the Arc and Radial watch faces. Date, on the other hand, matches the recently added Android 14 watch faces for the current Google Pixel smartwatches. This category uses bold, cascading fonts and colorful palettes.

While all watch faces have the ability to change colors, Wear OS 4 will feature an additional dynamic design feature. This allows you to try out colors from the watch face of your Google PIxel Watch 2 and also apply the color scheme to the rest of the watch’s UI.


Mats Hellqvist
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