Google Pixel Tablet pops up on Facebook Marketplace

The Google Pixel Tablet is still not official. But a single model has just appeared on the Facebook Marketplace.
Google Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel Tablet is still not official after years of leaks. Now a single model has just appeared on the Facebook Marketplace in the USA together with the speaker docking station. Both together are on sale for $400.

Google itself teased the Pixel Tablet back in May and revealed some more information at the Pixel 7 event. There were more details in October, but since then there has been radio silence on the Pixel Tablet. The images show the device with the Pixel Launcher in tablet form. A wallpaper from the Feathers collection of the Pixel 7 series is used as the background.

In terms of specs, the tablet will have 256GB of storage, likely alongside 6 or 8GB of RAM and a first-gen Tensor chip. The device battery is at 70% and shows an estimated 16 hours remaining.

The speaker dock turns the Pixel tablet into a large-display Nest hub, like the Nest Hub Max. The tablet snaps into the dock and becomes an always-on, always-listening Google Assistant. The dock “transforms your tablet from something sitting in your drawer to an integral part of your life,” as Google itself puts it.


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